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Having an effective About Us page will result in greater consumer trust and increased sales

December 13, 2017

When developing your website, you’ll want to share your brand’s personal story with the people who visit your site, and the customers who buy from you and support your business. Setting up an About Us page is the ideal way to share your goals and ethos with the world.

An About Us page doesn’t need to be complicated or overly long. Having a separate page dedicated to you and your brand is a simple but effective way of developing a level of trust with potential customers. A few paragraphs and two or three relevant images will be sufficient.

The tonality of your content will reflect your business. Whether you to decide to write your page from the basis of your company or from you own personal point of view is up to you, but for most small businesses, it’s usually better to write from your own viewpoint. Doing this can help visitors get an understanding of the people behind the company, and help them decide whether or not they wish to purchase from your store.

For local businesses especially, a well developed and written About Us page can be a great way to boost your presence on search engines, as it will naturally feature a lot of specific phrases and search terms that are related to your product and local area. Getting ranked as highly as possible on search engines should always be a priority, as it will be one of the most focused aspects of marketing you can do for your business.

In most cases, it’s better to write your About Us page personally. If you’re not too comfortable with writing, then you can always write a draft which can be edited by an expert, whilst managing to maintain your own personal touch.

When deciding what to write, you’ll want to cover your brand’s ethos and goals. Talk about what makes you so passionate about your business; when and why you set it up, and where you’d like to see your business in the future.

As most of us have smartphones with us, it’s simple to take a few pictures of yourself and your office or store. Adding these pictures will give your customers an added level of trust when developing an image of your business. You’re aiming to paint a portrait of your brand, rather than simply being perceived as a faceless online website.

Most importantly, have fun when creating your About Us page! Many aspects of business can be difficult and stressful, but with this, you can be a little bit more jovial and upbeat! Nobody wants to buy from a bore – get smiling for those photos and get imaginative when writing your story.

The bulk of your website should give customers enough of an idea of what your business sells or offers. Your About Us page is there to give them a little sneak peek behind the scenes. Just as you’d expect to treat a customer in a physical store, you need to be friendly, respectful and full of passion for your business and products.