Video Marketing

Launching your own video marketing campaign

December 19, 2017

Video marketing was once the domain of the corporations who had large enough budgets to create and run television commercials. Now, the internet has opened up the door for smaller businesses to join in and share their stories with the world.

Publishing video content is one of the most effective methods of marketing, allowing you to really connect with your audience. Most social media sites now offer you the opportunity to publish or stream videos on their platforms, although the type of content you publish on them will vary between each site. Whereas YouTube is ideal for longer videos, most videos published on the likes of Instagram and Snapchat are only a few seconds long.

Live streaming of video content has become increasingly popular and can make for an incredibly interactive experience. On the other hand, publishing on-demand content means that you’re able to edit the video to your taste.

If you decide to begin creating video content for your business, you’ll find that for most businesses, a modern smartphone will be adequate for your needs, although investing in a video camera and a lighting setup would be a good idea if you decide to create longer, higher quality video. Many free apps allow you to edit the videos you’ve recorded, remove scenes and add music or a narration.

Video marketing, although arguably more expensive and time consuming than other forms of marketing, can be a justifiable investment as it offers the benefit of being able to reach your audience in a unique way.

Using the power of video doesn’t mean you need to create and share every clip with your entire audience; a dog grooming salon may take a short clip of each pooch and send it to their owner, ensuring the owner knows their dog is having a great time!

To begin with, you may decide to create short clips and share them on apps such as Instagram before building up your confidence and creating longer videos to share on sites like YouTube. The type of content you shoot and publish is entirely up to you.

Most video publishing platforms will share at least some level of analytics with you, whether it’s a simple view count or how many people have ‘liked’ your video. This data will allow you to see which of your videos are the most popular.

Publishing to YouTube can be a slightly more complex process than sharing to Snapchat or Instagram. You’ll need to decide on a thumbnail icon, headline and input a video description. Although these seem relatively simple on the surface, the details you input will make a vast difference to the number of views you’ll receive. Using YouTube can also be beneficial to getting ranked highly on Google.

Publishing images online can be a great way of promoting your brand, but video marketing can take your business and customer relationships to another level. Once you have the necessary equipment, whether that be a smartphone or professional video camera, you’ll find that shooting and publishing videos can be a fun and affordable way to promote your business.