Think Big, Act Small

Let’s take a look at how your business can continue to deliver that personal service, even online

November 27, 2017

The world of business can be a daunting foray for many of us, and even at the best of times, it can feel like a whirlwind of emotions. One of the biggest headaches we encounter is knowing which way to turn when it comes to getting our products and services in front of new customers. You know your product rocks; it’s just a case of getting new customers to try it, and you know they’ll think it rocks too!

As a small business owner, you hold a distinct advantage over the larger companies in your industry. Because you’re lean, flexible and agile, can adapt swiftly and efficiently, and ultimately, offer an unparalleled level of personal experience the giants could only dream of.

Delivering the ultimate personal experience goes beyond just face-to-face interactions. In order to exceed your customers’ expectations, you need to be able to keep on delivering that high level of service in the world of digital, too.

The boom of the internet brought with it a wave of ways to connect with your customers, all at the click of a button. Consumers are spending more time on their screens than ever, and it’s crucial that you build up a digital connection with them. By building a personal presence for your brand online, you’re able to talk with your customers, gain their trust and their business.

There are a number of ways you can take small steps to increase your online presence. One of the most important to start is ensuring that your social media accounts are up to date and loaded with fresh, relevant content. This can be achieved by adding a daily image to Facebook or Instagram, sharing a joke with another brand on Twitter, or even uploading short video clips to your Snapchat or YouTube accounts. It’s these channels which allow you to develop an emotional connection with customers, new and old, and build those all-important, long-standing relationships.

It’s important for you to ensure that the tone and style of the content you produce speaks to your customers on a personal level. Your content should reflect your brand, and it should also be authentic and interesting. Tell a story, show a behind-the-scenes, talk to your customers as people, because they are. Show them how you are different, and give them a reason to engage with you. Produce content that gets people clicking, commenting and sharing!

In addition to the traditional social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can also start a blog or email list. These are great, cost effective and hassle-free methods that allow you to really go into detail and share your brands’ mission with the world. A daily blog post combined with a weekly email can do wonders, and you’ll usually find that the readers of these are your most loyal customers.

Remember, you don’t have to dive straight in at the deep end to achieve this. Focus on one step at a time and grow from there. Begin by working on your Facebook page, and when you’re comfortable, then move onto Instagram, starting a blog, and beyond.

But most importantly of all, keep it fun, and keep it authentic!