The Importance of Written Content

A blog is a brilliant way to market your brand

December 20, 2017

Publishing a blog on your website offers many advantages. As well as creating a steady stream of content for your audience to enjoy, it will also be crucial in getting your site and social media pages ranked highly on Google.

Writing a blog doesn’t necessarily mean having to create a few thousand words of content for each post you publish. Remember, we now live in a society where many internet users don’t have the patience to read through something overly long, especially if they’re reading from their smartphone whilst they’re on the move. The goal is to find that right balance where you provide enough substance whilst still retaining your audiences’ attention until the end.

Creating and publishing written content is arguably the most effective way of getting your business ranked highly on search engines such as Google. Writing interesting, quality content will assist you when customers are trying to find businesses such as yours.

Whether you run a service based business or an ecommerce store, a blog can assure your customers that you’re an expert in your field and passionate about what you do. Whether you write the content yourself or outsource it to a specialist is up to you and will depend on your workload and budget.

Running a blog, which is engaging and informative, will allow you to develop a stream of content that will continue to be relevant to your customers. If your customers enjoy your blog then it will keep them coming back to your site, which will provide a long-term source of targeted traffic. After all, the readers of your blog are obviously interested in what you’re writing.

The key to running an effective blog is to provide enough valuable content to attract readers without giving to much away. Just like with a television show, you’ll want to keep just enough back to keep them coming back for more. Writing a series of articles on a particular subject, such as a 10-part blog on a niche aspect in your industry, will ensure your readership will visit your site numerous times.

Blog posts, if shared respectfully and without spamming, can also be posted to relevant websites to help with SEO and introduce yourself to new customers who are interested in your product. If you are providing enough valuable information, people will be glad that you’ve shared it on the site. Just remember to abide by site-specific rules and ensure your content is providing information that will be well received by the site members.

Since the early days of the internet, blogs have been an essential part of brands promoting themselves. They’re also a great method when trying to persuade your audience to purchase your products or services. If they like what they’ve read, they’ll be far more inclined to purchase from you than a competitor.

How often you publish your blog is up to you and it’ll be dependent on your targets and goals. However, the more frequently you are able to publish it, the quicker you’ll develop a rapport with your customers and begin climbing up the search engine rankings.