Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO is so crucial to your success

January 25, 2018

Of all the ways you can grow your brand, optimizing your website to be ranked highly on search engines should be one of your primary priorities.

Each day, millions of people across the world use sites like Google or Bing to find what they’re looking for. The closers you are to the top of the results pages, the more traffic you will attract to your site. The best part about the traffic that’s being driven to your site from search engines is that you know the visitors will be warm leads – people who are actively seeking out what you’re offering.

Getting ranked highly on search engines isn’t something that’s done overnight. As it’s such an effective and popular form of marketing, it’s understandably an extremely competitive and fierce landscape. Even smaller companies often outsource the SEO work to outside professionals, who use their resources, experience and expertise to take care of the process. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should instantly outsource your SEO workload to an outside source, but it may be something you do consider.

The methods by which you can use to get your site to the top of Google or Bing results pages change as the internet evolves and the devices we use to connect to the web change. You’ll have a difficult time getting a website to rank highly if it isn’t designed to be compatible with smaller devices such as smartphones or tablets. Of course, there is much more to search engine optimization than simply ensuring a website is mobile friendly.

Google is such as successful model because it’s so good at connecting users with what they’re looking for. For Google to achieve this, it must ‘crawl’ the website to find sites and resources which will offer answers to the questions being posed from its users. A user looking for a local car dealership wouldn’t find Google to be much use if it suggested a holiday website when they tried finding the contact details for a nearby car dealership. Thus, Google must find websites which are related to search terms, and it’s the content and copy featured on your site that will help Google find out what your site is about.

Search engine optimization is arguably the most effective way of attracting long-term, targeted traffic. So long as you meet the requirements set by Google, and you can use resources such as Moz.comĀ to find these, you’ll find that being ranked highly on search engines will lead to a steady stream of traffic finding their way to your website and social media pages.

Rather than outsourcing all of your SEO needs to a professional, you might decide to perform some of the work yourself, and outsource particular parts to an outside service. This will be dependent on your long-term goals and budget; the best thing to do is to set out your goals and contact an SEO expert to have a chat and see how they can benefit your business.