Running a Store with Shopify

Be your own boss with this incredible ecommerce platform

January 29, 2018

Shopify is one of the most popular and accessible ecommerce sites for aspiring internet entrepreneurs. For those unfamiliar, Shopify is a SaaS (software as a service) that provides almost all of the tools for you to set up and launch an online store, from scratch. From pre-made themes to secure checkout integration and apps that help you find customers, you’ll find everything you need to launch your own digital venture.

There are a selection of plans available for you to choose from, depending on the size of your store and budget. The plans are flexible, so you can always decide to upgrade and downgrade in the future if you need to. Unfortunately, for most plans, Shopify will take a small percentage of each sale, but this is common with many of these platforms. If you’re requiring a platform which doesn’t charge any commission on sales, then the WooCommerce extension for WordPress is an excellent choice. (We’ll be covering WooCommerce again in future articles.)

Almost anybody can launch their own store on Shopify, although opting to use a professional web developer will ensure that your site will be fully optimized, look great, and be designed to convert as much traffic to the site into paying customers. There will be much of the Shopify process that you’ll be able to complete yourself, but a professional will ensure that there are no errors, and that the graphic and content are created to get you sales.

Shopify’s dashboard is clear and simple to navigate. You’ll see your previous orders, the amount of traffic that’s visiting your site, which orders you still need to ship, and much more. Having a professional web developer and marketing expert at the end of a phone call or email will help you analyze the data, and they’ll work with you to continue streamlining and growing your site to make it as profitable and successful as possible.

If you’re starting your business on a minimal budget, there are plenty of free themes and apps that will allow you to get started on Shopify. For those with a more modest budget, you’ll find that the investment of paying for premium themes and the experience and knowledge of a professional web expert to help you out will give your far greater rewards.

You can sell almost anything on your ecommerce store. From a single item, through to a huge catalog of products, you’ll be able to develop and launch a store that fits your business.

Shopify recently launched their own platform for digital entrepreneurs to buy and sell their Shopify sites. This is a great way to get started if you’re not sure on what you’d like to sell, and is equally as good for giving you something to aim towards – one day selling your own business on their marketplace.

If you’re considering launching your own online store, then take a look at Shopify.