Reaching out with Facebook

Using the largest social media platform to interact with customers

January 4, 2018

Facebook is by far the largest and most popular social media platform in the world, and the number of features, methods and tools by which you can interact with followers is unparalleled by any other rival site. Although the team behind Facebook have notoriously made it more and more difficult to organically reach new followers without paying for advertising, it is still possible to have a successful Facebook page for your brand on a modest budget.

With billions of active users, and Facebook’s incredible algorithms and tools which allow you to connect with the most targeted of niches and demographics, Facebook is an amazing platform for businesses of all sizes. Facebook ad campaigns are accessible to set up and launch, and if you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, there are affordable professionals who are able to help. One of the advantages of Facebook’s ad tools is that you can set limits to meet your budgets, ensuring that you won’t accumulate a bill you can’t afford.

Facebook is arguably the most versatile of all the social networking sites when it comes to what type of content is shared on the site. Text posts, images, videos and more mean that there is a huge variety when it comes to the type of media users decide to post and share. This is great for businesses and brands as it offers you a huge choice when putting together a content marketing strategy for your page. Whereas you can only post videos to YouTube or images to Instagram, Facebook is almost limitless when it comes to which medium you use to share your content.

You’ll succeed if you can combine a realistic ad budget with a steady stream of relevant and engaging content on your page. There is little point in having a brilliant ad campaign with a huge budget if there’s little else to offer customers once they reach your page. Once they follow you, you’ll still need to work to keep their attention if you’re going to convert them into a paying customer.

Ad campaigns on Facebook aren’t just limited to getting users to like your page; you can also set up campaigns which will allow people to see your products or visit your website or online store. Refining your campaigns to ensure they’re as streamlined as possible will be an ongoing project; you’ll need to keep analyzing and studying your data and statistics, and modifying your campaigns until you can begin to get the highest returns on your spending.

One of the most effective and trusted methods of refining your campaigns is to run A/B or split tests. This means running two simultaneous ad campaigns to see which aspects of the ads are more effective and then editing them accordingly. Although this may be more expensive and time consuming in the short term, if you have a long-term strategy and focus, then you’ll eventually reap the rewards and have the most effective campaigns possible. If you are limited with the amount of time you can put into running Facebook ads but still wish to make the most from the social networking site, then it’s highly recommended that you speak to a digital marketing expert who’ll be able to help.