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Using YouTube to grow your brand

January 5, 2018

Running a YouTube channel is not only fun and rewarding, but it can also be one of the most effective forms of marketing available at your disposal. Setting up a channel and sharing videos is now more accessible than ever, and many videos are now captured, edited and uploaded with a smartphone. Videos can either be streamed live or uploaded to be watched ‘on demand’, but most YouTube videos tend to be the latter.

Running a YouTube channel has become a full-time occupation for some, who receive a percentage of the revenue from the adverts which are played before or during their videos. However, for most brands, your YouTube channel won’t be about generating revenue in this way, but by using the site as a platform to promote your products or services, and developing your engagement with your audience.

YouTube is a very interactive platform and your videos can be easily and seamlessly integrated with your website or other social media sites. It’s very simple to share your YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s a simple process to embed them into your site. This is very advantageous, as it means your videos aren’t just limited to people who are using the YouTube site.

What type of videos you create will depend entirely on your product, service, brand and customers. Your goal will be to create videos which are long enough in length to offer entertainment and information to your viewers, but short enough to capture their attention until the end of the clip. Ultimately, your goal will be to get viewers to subscribe to your channel, post comments beneath your videos, watch your other videos and, ideally, visit your website or online store.

Almost every business or service can benefit from a successful YouTube channel. If you’re a web developer, for instance, you can use the channel to show off your skills and demonstrate a new plug-in or particular piece of software that you’re using. If you have a product which you sell, you can show off happy customers using your products and give a full 360 view of your products.

For particular businesses, you can even send your products to people who run channels which specialise in reviewing products in your niche, in order to open yourself to a new audience who are interested in your particular field. For instance, if you create a chair intended for avid video gamers, there’ll be channels who specialise in reviewing equipment for gamers; if you get a positive review on their channel, you’ll stand a good chance of receiving orders from their followers and viewers. This is the type of marketing you can use on YouTube to help benefit your brand.

Most modern smartphones allow you to capture and record high quality videos. There are countless apps, many of them free, which allow you to edit the videos to cut out particular clips and add titles, background music, transitions, and even special effects. Of course, there are more advanced recording equipment and software available on the market, if your budget allows. Larger brands might even decide to hire a professional video editing professional or team to create their videos for them.

How you decide to approach your YouTube channel is entirely down to your personal preferences and business goals, but this marketing approach can be one of the most fun methods of all.