Instagram Inspiration

Using Instagram to develop your brand

January 3, 2018

Instagram has grown to become one of the largest, and most popular, social media apps in the world. The basis of the site is simple: users share images or short video clips, and their followers can ‘like’ or comment on the content. As Instagram doesn’t allow users to post images from a computer or laptop, almost all traffic is comprised of a younger audience accessing the site via their smartphone or tablet device.

The app is visual by nature, which means that it’s a great place for brands who sell a product, or for service providers and freelancers such as web developers, artists or graphic designers to show off their work. As we’ve discovered in previous articles here, visual marketing is one of the most effective ways of developing a rapport and deeper level of engagement with your customers and followers, so Instagram is a superb avenue for your marketing plans.

Uploading creative, inspiring and unique photos to Instagram will aid you as you seek to find new audiences and connect with existing followers. For a graphic designer, tattooist, or artist, the app can work as a portfolio of sorts. By utilizing the correct hashtags when posting, Instagram users will be able to find your work, browse your previous images and interact with you, if they like what they see. Using the correct hashtags when posting is crucial to ensuring that the people who see your images are those who would be the most likely to use your services. You can really narrow down your hashtags too, to find people who are really interested in the work you create. For instance, you can differentiate yourself between an artist who creates anime work, and one who focuses on outdoor landscapes, by using the correct choice of hashtags.

For brands and businesses who sell products, Instagram can be used as a platform to promote your items. In addition to product-based companies or e-commerce stores simply posting a reel of product images, Instagram is most effective when combining that with other images relating to your particular niche or field. If you create and sell surf boards, for instance, posting inspiring images of beaches, surfers, waves and the sea can help grow your audience and make your Instagram page more interesting. You can then post your product images to your page, knowing that many of your followers will be interested in the items you sell.

Instagram can be one of the most fun social media platforms to use. The images you post have no boundaries other than your own creativity. You can use your smartphone or DSL camera to capture the images, of if your budget permits, you could hire a freelance photographer to snap some superb images for your page. The app has a simple-to-use editing system which allows you to enhance your images and make them look incredible. You can also use Instagram to check out other similar pages to yours for inspiration and ideas.