Growing with Twitter

Tweeting your way to success

January 2, 2018

Twitter is a popular, simple-to-use, and time efficient platform which you can use to interact with customers and grow your brand. Twitter allows users to post images, links, video clips, and short text posts. It’s a platform with a slightly younger demographic than Facebook, but on average, users are older than those who use apps like Snapchat. It’s a fast-paced platform; users will skim over content as they scroll through the latest posts on their feed, but numerous brands have proven that the social media site can help them engage with customers.

Posting interesting and engaging content that your customers will want to share, or retweet, to their friends will help you grow your reach and number of followers. Including relevant hashtags can help users find your posts when searching for a particular search term. Many brands will join in with the latest trending hashtags, the most popular current topics, to reach new audiences.

Growing your brand with Twitter doesn’t need to be a time-consuming affair. You can easily post tweets and interact with your followers on your lunch break or on your phone whilst you sip on a freshly made coffee. There is often a rather informal and fun vibe on the platform, and having a good sense of humour when posting can be of great benefit. Brands such as Wendy’s have gone viral a number of times recently thanks to their witty and positive approach to handling questions posted to them by customers.

In addition to interacting with customers, clients and consumers, you can use the site to reach out to, and connect with, other brands, suppliers and companies. Many creative services, such as web developers, software engineers, writers, and graphic designers use the platform to build new relationships with other brands and professionals in their field.

As well as being a great platform to share your content and grow your audience, Twitter can also be a fantastic tool for discovering the latest consumer trends and interests. You can get a feel for your audience by analyzing the content they post and share on their feeds, and use that information to adapt and streamline your marketing strategies.

Although Twitter does offer the opportunity for you to pay for advertising on the site, for many smaller businesses, brands and services, simply using the site to post your content, read the latest tweets and message your followers will suffice, and offer a cost and time efficient method of building and reinforcing your brand.

Posting on Twitter doesn’t just mean that you need to write about you and your services or products. Think outside the box a little, and take a look at what others are writing about. Users of the site are often interested in the latest current affairs and trending subjects. A well-timed and worded tweet can be shared and seen by hundreds, or even thousands, of people.

Get creative when posting on Twitter, and a tweet that takes just a few seconds to compose and share could land you a bulk of new followers and even some new customers.