Finding Trends

How to spot the current trends in consumers

January 10, 2018

The internet is forever changing and adapting. It’s a swift moving place, and if you don’t keep up, you can soon find yourself being left behind. Consumers are now more savvy than ever, and it’s up to you to keep up with the latest trends and tastes if you’re going to connect with them and market your business and brand to them in the most effective way possible. How your website looks, and the type of content you share on social media can become outdated very quickly. It’s your job, as the ambassador for your brand, to ensure you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to finding out what your customers and clients are interested in.

Thanks to social media, website forums and sites such as Reddit, finding out what your customers are interested in is now more accessible than ever. Consumer trends change quickly, and if you don’t keep up and adapt, it won’t be long before customers begin to switch to your competitors who are adapting. Even if your product or service itself doesn’t change, the way you market and promote your brand will.

The internet allows you to connect, converse and interact with your customers personally in an instant. You might decide to ask them questions personally, or set up a poll online on your social media pages to gauge your audience’s tastes. You can also use tools such as Google Forms to create bespoke questionnaires to get an in-depth analysis of your market. Offering a small discount for completing the survey will provide an incentive for them to complete it, and can be sent directly to your email subscriber list.

Google Analytics, which can be seamlessly integrated with your website, can give you details such the age group of those visiting your site, the time they spend on your site, which pages they visit the most, and which devices are used to access your website. This information, combined with the consumer trends you spot, can help you make the necessary adjustments to your site and marketing strategies.

You don’t always have to engage directly with your audience to find out what they like. You can be a silent observer, reading through comments sections and social media posts to find out what they do and don’t like. Having a thorough look each week at various websites and social media pages will help you build up an up-to-date image of the consumer landscape.

For most industries, there are dedicated publications and websites which will offer regular features assessing and analysing the latest trends in your market. It’s difficult to be ahead of the market, but if you remain at the top of the curve and manage to not fall behind your consumers’ needs and interests, then you’ll continue to grow and be successful.

Trends will always change with the times, and this isn’t just limited to a clothing brand or the fashion industry. Every industry will change, though there will always remain the fundamental principles of the product or service you offer, and it will be the subtle changes and adaptions you make which will be the most effective when keeping up with your customers.