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Setting your ecommerce store up for success

January 6, 2018

Running an ecommerce store is an exciting and potentially lucrative venture, and your ultimate goal is to make it as successful and profitable as possible. Developing your store and growing it into a thriving business is a challenge, and it isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. It takes consistency, perseverance, and passion to reach. Setting yourself realistic goals can help you take the necessary steps to building up your digital business.

Once your site is built and your products are available for customers to purchase, your biggest challenge will be to reach targeted traffic and drive them to your site. The more targeted the visitors you can get to reach your site, and the higher the volume of traffic you can attract, the most sales you will make. It’s a simple formula but in practice this can prove to be a challenge.

Your ecommerce site should be set up to convert as many visitors into paying customers; ultimately your goal should be to create as many returning and recurring customers as possible. Where you place particular elements and the copy you use will make all of the difference. Your web developer will be able to assist with this as they’re experts in the industry and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, tools and trends. Your site needs to be responsible, swift to load and simple to navigate and use. SSL certificates and secure checkout pages will help ensure you don’t lose customers to your competitors.

A combination of traditional advertising mixed with digital marketing will help drive visitors to your site. Digital marketing offers more flexible, and arguably affordable methods of being able to advertise and promote your site and products. This ranges from search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media marketing to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You’ll be most successful if you’re able to utilise a combination of the three forms. Within each category are sub-categories and various techniques you can use to get the most out of your marketing.

On your site, you’ll need to remember to include details of your returns and shipping policies. It’s simple to overlook aspects such as this, but it’s vital as many customers will check before placing an order, especially if they’re a first-time customer.

A lot of making a sale online is developing a level of trust with your customer. It’s much easier to achieve this with a traditional brick and mortar store, as if there’s a problem with the product, they know they can turn up with the item. It’s also why eBay and Amazon are so popular: users are able to see reviews from previous customers. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve the desired level of trust; if it was, there’d be no other ecommerce sites online!

Including previous customer testimonials and reviews is one way to achieve this, and including links to your social media pages, especially Facebook, can demonstrate that you’re a legitimate company offering the product you claim to be. You know your product is awesome – you just need to convince your customers!

There are many ways to create the most efficient and effective ecommerce store possible, and we’ll cover these in future articles. Keep checking back for our latest columns!