Content Strategy and Planning

Let’s take a look at how to choose which forms of online marketing will work best for you

December 5, 2017

Marketing can be a mysterious maze for most of us, especially when it comes to understanding how to market your business online. Before the internet came along, there were a few traditional ways companies would advertise their brands and products. You could print some flyers and pay your nephew or niece to post them through the neighborhood, or you could take out some airtime on the local radio station and play an annoying but catchy jingle.

But ever since the internet came along, companies have found countless ways to make the most of the incredible reach it offers, and tap into the limitless resources available to them to advertise themselves to customers around the world. These range from simply posting a picture on a Facebook page, through to spending millions of dollars on pay-per-click ads. But how do you decide which form of marketing will be the best for you and your business?

The first thing to realize is that many articles claim that one particular form of online marketing is better and more superior than the others. The problem with this is that every business in the world is entirely unique, and therefore no individual form of online marketing or advertising can be deemed to be better than the others for everybody; it’s simply impossible. Just as your business is unique, so should your marketing strategy be unique to you. It should be tailored to suit your needs, and fit in with your goals and budget.

One helpful tip to remember is to stay away from falling into the trap of spreading yourself too thinly across too many different aspects of marketing: It’s far more effective to excel at two or three types of online marketing than to end up trying to tackle eight or nine.

We’ll take a look at various forms of online marketing in more detail in future articles, which will better help you decide which form of marketing you will want to use. Each different type of marketing will have its advantages for you, as well is its drawbacks, and some are more affordable than others.

Advertising and marketing your business should always be a long-term strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses attempt a marketing plan only to give up far before it has any chance of gaining traction and bringing in new customers and purchases. When deciding on which form of marketing you would like to use for your business, you must ensure you have a clear and honest timeframe and budget in mind prior to launching it.

Some aspects of online marketing will be things you feel comfortable completing yourself, whereas others may be something you’ll feel more confident outsourcing to an expert who can help point you in the right direction and make the most out of your campaigns. One of the biggest positives of online marketing is you can be entirely flexible with them and ensure they will be tailored to suit your business.