Content is King

How fresh, frequent, and focused content can work wonders for your business

December 1, 2017

“Content is King” is a phrase famously coined by Microsoft Mogul, Bill Gates. Creating a constant stream of engaging and entertaining content for your social media followers and website visitors is something you should be considering, if it’s not already on your agenda.

Not only do search engines such as Google now favor websites which produce fresh, high quality content, but also by doing so, you can develop a deep and prosperous rapport with your followers and customers. Promoting a steady flow of interesting articles, eye-catching images, and engaging videos across your site and social media pages can help grow and nurture your online reach.

But what content should you produce and share? Remember, it’s vital that you know and understand your audience and their interests. If your audience is following your business’s social media accounts and visiting your site, then you already know that they’re interested in your product or services.

Your content needs to be informative and relevant to your company’s brand and ethos. Of course, sharing your latest products and flash sales is good, but you should also try to think outside the box as well. A lot of companies use their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to share content about themselves and their products and services – and nothing else. That’s okay, but it’s a bit, erm, boring, really!

Spruce your content up. Keep it fun and exciting. Post content your followers will want to share to their friends and family. If you run a pet supplies business then share funny cat videos and cute puppy pics. If you own a landscaping company, run a friendly competition to see who has the best kept lawn in the area, and give a small prize to the winner. Write to you audience, not for your audience.

Creating a spreadsheet to help you organize your content is a great way to start. Seeing a well laid-out spreadsheet will help you plan ahead for the following days and weeks, and help prevent you from posting too much sometimes and not enough at other times. Eventually, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. What are the posts that are getting the most views, likes, shares and comments?

Your content needs to entertain, inform and engage your audience, as well as growing it at the same time. When your content is shared across social media, it’s opened up to a wider audience. As mentioned earlier, a steady stream of articles and content will help you grow up the rankings for Google searches. But the ultimate goal is to create call-to-actions (CTA’s). These are responses such as getting your audience to sign-up to an email newsletter, call into your store, or purchase from your online store.

The more daring and innovative business owners may consider launching a video-based channel such as on YouTube or Facebook. Creating pre-recorded videos, or streaming live, is in incredibly effective way of marketing your brand, products or services and can be set up and completed for far less than one might expect, especially in this modern age of smartphones, many of which have the capabilities of being able to record, and even edit, excellent-quality videos.

Whether you decide to create and publish the content yourself, or whether you opt to turn the hard work over to a professional individual or team who really know there stuff, you can be assured that creating content for your business really is king.