Choosing a Logo

Finding the right logo for your business

January 30, 2018

Your logo is far more than a simple image; it’s the emblem and symbol of your business’s ethos, goals, and values. There’s a reason that the giants of the business world spend so much time and money on their logo – it’s a critical part of your overall branding and marketing strategies. As with all aspects of your branding and marketing, it’s all in the detail. It’s all those aspects that, when added together, combine to give your business the authenticity and values that your customers are looking for.

When choosing the right designer for your logo, you’ll need to find one which can provide the best value for money on your budget. If you’re just starting out on a shoestring budget, there are services such as Fiverr which will connect you with freelancers who’ll charge as little as $5 for a logo. However, if you’re serious about your business, then it’s highly recommended that you invest in a more experienced and skilled designer who’ll be able to work with you to create a logo that will work for your brand.

If you’re working with a talented designer, then the colors, themes and typefaces used in your logo will be carefully selected to convey your brand’s message. When working with a freelance designer, you’ll be asked some questions about yourself, your brand, and your brand’s story and values. From there, your designer will put together some mock-ups and ask you which ones you like. Perhaps you like the font used in one, the image in another, and the colors from another sketch. Sometimes, you might have seen a logo from another company which you like, and you can ask your designer to use that as inspiration.

Once you’ve settled on your final design, and have received the files, you’ll be able to add your logo to all aspects of your branding. From business cards to your website, and even your company vehicle, there are countless places you’ll be using your logo. If you invest in a powerful, effective logo now then it’ll will save you from having to change it in future, which can be a drain on your money and resources. It’s far more effective if you’re able to spend a little bit more now than have to spend a lot more later.

The best logos are those that are instantly recognizable as being a particular company’s logo. This takes time and consistency, and your logo should fit in with your entire branding plan as a whole. Most companies will use their logo for their social media avatars, and include it at the top of their website. In print, you’ll use your logo on all advertising and marketing that you choose to run. About the only time you wouldn’t use your logo in your marketing would be if you were running a radio advert.

Taking the time now to get a professional logo created will be a huge leap for your business, and give you an advantage when it comes to working on your marketing tasks.