Blog Time

Getting the best from your blog

January 23, 2018

The art of blogging dates back to the early days of the internet, and when done properly, can be one of the best ways of getting your brand out to the world. Whether you decide to write your content yourself, or outsource it to a professional is up to you, but a regularly updated blog can offer many advantages. You can publish your posts directly to your website, add them to your social media pages, and even use sites like Medium and Tumblr to get the most out of your articles.

One of the biggest advantages of running a blog is that it will be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing you can utilize. Once you’ve created your content, it doesn’t cost anything to share it with your audience. Of course, you may decide to promote a particular post with a Facebook or Google ad campaign, but this shouldn’t be necessary for all of your posts.

Search engines such as Google prefer sites which have frequently added, fresh content, and before long, you’ll find your website will be climbing search engine rankings for words, phrases and terms used within your blog posts. Blogging is without question one of the best ways of optimizing your website for search engines.

You can blog about anything you wish, so long as it relates to your brand, product or service, and so long as it will be enjoyed by your audience. A daily blog shouldn’t take too much time to write and publish, and there are freelancers who specialize in creating blogs for brands and businesses, if you do decide to outsource the work.

So long as you ensure the content you create relates to your audience’s desires, you’ll soon find your blog to be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

You can add videos, images and links to your posts to give your blog an extra dimension. The links may be to an outside resource, a link on your website, or even to your online store to promote a particular product. If your post can entice your audience to purchase from you, providing a link to your product can create an excellent sales funnel which, once published, costs you no money whatsoever. There are few other ways this can be achieved with such little time or money.

The subjects and topics you decide to write about can vary. If you run a coffee shop, you don’t need to make every post about drinking coffee. You can also talk about other activities your audience is interested in, or even write about any current events that might be taking place in your local area.

Once a blog post has been published, you can decide how long it will stay online for. However, most blog posts will remain online indefinitely, as the longer your blog is online, and the more content you can create, the higher you’ll find yourself climbing search engine results, and the more traffic you’ll attract to your site.

Here’s a tip: Use blogging to entice customers to sign up to your email newsletter. You can deliver your blog posts 24 hours early to their inbox before publishing them online, as an extra incentive to attract more sign-ups to your e-newsletters.